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Pasta Primavera Recipe With Garlic Chicken

This colorful, (relatively) light meal is perfect to bring in the brightness of spring time!

For people who like to “eat the rainbow,” this  one will really hit the mark with the mix of veggies. And the delicious flavor direction of Alfredo sauce but without so much heaviness.

Give this easy pasta primavera recipe a shot and tag us in your Instagram @EasyGuyCooking picture when it’s done!

A 4 burner meal with garlic chicken, pan grilled vegetables, pasta and a light cream sauce.

  1. Brown garlic over heated olive oil
  2. Cut and grill chicken over the garlic while seasoning with garlic powder, salt and seasoning salt
  3. Cook veggies in frying pan over heated olive oil
  4. Cook pasta
  5. Maka da Sauce
  6. Toss all together in large bowl

For The Sauce:

  1. Mix 3/4 cup each of chicken broth, light cream and grated parmesan, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, teaspoon salt and pepper in a sauce pan over medium heat
  2. Stir for 15 – 20 minutes