6 Quick Lunch Hacks For People Tired of Deli Meats

Lunch HacksWhether you brown bag it or head home for lunch, one thing’s for sure:

you have Lunch Hacksprecious time to cook, eat, relax, and catch up on social media before you have to head back to the grind.

These lunch hacks help make lunch delicious and easy.

No kitchen experience? No problem!

These tips are designed for the Average Joes and Janes who surrender to soggy sandwiches each and every day. The people sick of sub-par lunches and ready to take a stand.

We stand with you.

Now let’s take charge and revolutionize lunch!

6 Quick Lunch Hacks

Say it with us now: no more lackluster lunches. Follow these hacks. Indulge. Repeat.

  1. Make more dinner. Doesn’t sound like a lunch cooking hack – but it is when you’d rather skip a meal than endure another PB&J sandwich. Pack leftovers and enjoy a damn-good lunch!
  2. Grilled ham and cheese is much easier to make with an iron. Make the sandwich, wrap it in aluminum foil, and press it. It’s really that simple.
  3. Throw two pieces of bread into the same toaster slot or stack them in your toaster oven. Outside: crispy. Inside: soft. Sandwich: perfect.
  4. PB&J lover? First, we’d like to apologize for the dig in the first lunch hack. Second, spread a generous amount of peanut butter on the outside of the bread, and pool jelly in the center. No mess, no fuss.
  5. Wait! Don’t throw your salad into the office fridge yet! Toss a napkin or paper towel over your seran wrapped salad to keep it fresh.
  6. Section off ground beef by using a wooden spoon to press down  before freezing it in a zip-loc bag for easy-to-grab, perfect portions. Use a wooden spoon handle to press down on a zip-loc bag filled with flattened ground beef. Press into squares using this method and place into a freezer. When you’re hungry, you’ve got ready-to-go, perfectly portioned patties!

Enjoy the rest of your work day!

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