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8 Easy Dinner Hacks For People Who Hate Dinner Hacks

Dinner Hacks “8 Easy Dinner Hacks For People Who Hate Dinner Hacks” is locked	 8 Easy Dinner Hacks For People Who Hate Dinner HacksIt’s been a long day.

With work still spiraling in your head, the last thing you want to think about is cooking dinner.

But what if cooking dinner was easier (and less frustrating) than ordering from a drive-thru window?

At least you’re less likely to mess up your own order…

To make cooking easy for Average Joes and Janes, we’ve put together a list of crazy awesome dinner hacks to make sure your meal saves you time, energy, and still tastes great.

You won’t find fancy recipe hacks here. Those “hacks” are usually dreamed up by master chefs with loads of experience. Sure, the results look incredible – but there’s slim chance yours (or ours) would come out looking or tasting anything like theirs.

(For some examples – and a good laugh – just run a Google Image Search for “Nailed it“)

You’re probably a lot like us – and our kitchens are about as well-stocked as a supermarket after a heavy winter-storm announcement.

Instead, these dinner hacks will simplify your cooking experience and shorten your time spent in the kitchen.

Do you have what it takes to make an awesome meal in minutes?

Oh yeah, you got this.

8 Simple Dinner Hacks

Toss out the frozen pizza! With these tips, you’ll be looking forward to creating your next dish without spending hours over a stove.

  1. Got a pot but no lid? Cover your pot with aluminum foil. A great conductor, your heat will retain with this makeshift lid.
  2. Day old bread for stuffing or french toast takes a day to create (no duh) – that’s way too long for us. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, rip apart bread, throw it on a baking sheet, and bake for 15 minutes. Sure beats 24 hours!
  3. Freeze red or white wine. Toss in a cube when called for. Toss one into your glass for nice, cold wine without watering it down.
  4. Defrost meat faster! Remember when we said aluminum is a great heat conductor? Place frozen meat on an aluminum tray at room temperature to speed up the process.
  5. Have to slice cherry tomatoes? Don’t worry! Put them all on a plate, and place another plate on top of them. Slice between the two plates and you’ll get them all cut in a fraction of the time.
  6. Cut jalapeño peppers with kitchen shears to prevent juice from splashing everywhere.
  7. Using lemon as a garnish or flavor? Put it in the microwave for 15 seconds – you’ll get twice as much juice!
  8. Who has time to peel potatoes? Instead, just peel at the widest part around the circumference of the potato. When you rinse them with cold water, the rest will fall off easily.

See? Cooking doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Now get in the kitchen and show your guests – and yourself – what you got!