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Pasta Primavera Recipe

Pasta Primavera Recipe With Garlic Chicken

A 4 burner meal with garlic chicken, pan grilled vegetables, pasta and a light cream sauce.

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Meat Lovers Pizza Wrap Recipe

Innovativity. Not much more to say. Watch and learn.

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Balsamic Chicken Recipe

A simple yet delicious chicken recipe. This only takes about 10 minutes of actual work, plus the marinading and cook time you’ll have an easy chicken dinner with explosive flavor in 45 minutes t...

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Spicy Meatballs Recipe

That’s a spiceeee meat uh ball! Just ten minutes of concocting and a half hour in the oven and that’s what your guests will be saying about these delicious balls of meat.

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BBQ Chicken Calzones Recipe

Ah, the calzone. “They’re delicious, but I could never make one myself,” you say. That’s all about to change, my friend. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s cheap! A few

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Fish Tacos Recipe

A Southern California staple brought to you from the east coast. Another quick and easy to follow recipe for a flavorful meal from the left coast.

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Garlic Chicken Recipe

A delicious, flavorful meal that’s actually healthy for you! Take a plain, grilled chicken dinner up a notch on the flavor scale with this quick recipe.

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Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

Delicious home-cooked, chicken parmigiana is a lot easier than you may have imagined. All you need are some basic ingredients and 20 minutes to become a master chef of this popular Italian dish.

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Easy Meatloaf Recipe

A nice, simple home-cooked meal like mom used to make, the Easy Guy Cooking way. With this easy and quick recipe you’ll have a traditional meal with a new twist whipped up in no time.

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Vodka Sauce/Tomato Sauce Recipe

The old style, Sunday afternoon family dinner at Grandma’s house is back. This time it’s at your house with a lot less effort and ready to impress whoever you want to invite over.

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